The practice of implantology in dental clinics has increased significantly in recent years. While in 2007 in Spain more than half of dental clinics (51%) practiced implant techniques regularly, in 2012 this number has grown to 82%.

This important growth during the last years has given rise to the industry supplying dental implants and related accessories at the same time. The competitiveness in this market results in a great diversity of products in terms of price, and inherently, in terms of quality.

What are the reasons for so much price difference?

Well, not all implants are the same. We have available implants that are subject to scrupulous quality controls (control of adjustments and long-term loads) with studies over 40 years that endorse them, such as implants without studies that support them and that are often copies, suffering loosening of Prostheses or fractures more often as a result.

When talking about the same range of implants, the price difference between one clinic and another is usually minimal. Long-term clinical studies have shown that the implants used in Clínica Barroso, of the Straumann brand, have a very high survival rate (98% at 10 years).


Established in Girona for more than 60 years, the Barroso Clínica Dental is distinguished by its closeness and commitment to the city, now driven by the third generation of family dentists.

The search for excellence on the part of the entire Clínica Barroso team is complemented by the teaching and research side of Albert Barroso, co-director of the Clinic, who teaches classes to students of the International Master of Oral Surgery at the International University of Catalonia, apart from directing and collaborating in different continuing education courses for dentists. Barroso, also carries out important research work in the field of oral implantology, always with the aim of transferring the most innovative, proven techniques that offer the best results in their daily work in the clinic.

At present, BARROSO CLINICA DENTAL is a center accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya and linked to the International University of Catalonia where different scientific research tasks are carried out in the field of oral implantology.

The objective is to seek excellence and maximum efficiency in the techniques used in daily practice. All the professional activity is complemented with a humane, close and committed treatment by all the personnel of Clínica Barroso.

New technologies


Dental treatments should be done in a small space and difficult visibility in many cases. In turn, the quality and precision of the treatments directly influences the short and long term success, in other words, the duration of the treatment. Therefore, in Clínica Barroso we work with magnification loupes, to achieve the maximum possible precision for the benefit of the patient.


At Clínica Barroso we have the latest technology in digital radiology, which allows us to make more accurate diagnoses since the quality of the image obtained is superior to that of traditional equipment, while the dose of radiation absorbed by the patient is considerably less.


The piezoelectric scalpel is a state-of-the-art and highly specific instrument for the specialty of oral surgery, reducing the risks in delicate bone regeneration interventions such as sinus elevation or bone grafts.


Following the quality standard of the Clínica Barroso, all the instruments used pass a rigorous disinfection and sterilization protocol before being used with each of our patients. The sterilization chain of the instruments begins with the elimination of the organic remains, continues with the thermodisinfector machine and ends in the modern class B autoclaves.


The mouth is part of our letter of introduction in social relationships. We communicate many things to the smile, hence the importance of a good smile. White teeth, well aligned, ultimately healthy, will allow us to smile without complexes.

Traditionally the crowns needed a metal core to achieve adequate strength. The evolution in the materials allows us to use nowadays ceramic core shells, using CAD-CAM techniques (designed and made by computer).

With these new techniques, no resistance is lost at the same time as the adjustments of the sheath with the tooth are improved. The esthetics of dental restorations is better, since these materials copy more fidelity the layer structure of the natural tooth, having a ceramic core instead of metal, to which we can give different shades of targets depending on each patient.

Last news

Since 1949 we have been looking after your dental health and today we continue with the same enthusiasm with which we started.