Smiling is an instinctive, natural and even beneficial for health

Smiling is an instinctive act, natural and even beneficial for health. Today is one of the most important distinctive features of humans. In fact, beauty canons give great importance to white and correctly positioned teeth.

In the design of a smile it is very important to make a correct diagnosis to achieve the results that most satisfy the patient's expectations. In this diagnostic phase, in addition, the expected aesthetic result can be shown to the patient before beginning (mock-up test). Once all the necessary information (photographs, x-rays or study models) has been compiled, the treatment that may require the involvement of different specialties can be started: orthodontics, surgery, periodontics or prosthetics.

In the process of a smile design, we try to use free metal materials to give a more natural aspect to the rehabilitation, in other words, to mimic or integrate better with the rest of the mouth or the patient's face. The ceramic veneers, totally ceramic crowns, or in more advanced cases implant supported esthetic rehabilitations.

For more information the doctors of Clínica Barroso will be able to advise you personally.

Case 1. Aesthetic rehabilitation with a combination of ceramic veneers, implants and covers

Case 2. Dental implants that replace teeth affected by aggressive periodontitis

Case 3. Total oral rehabilitation of bruxist patient with ceramic covers and dental implants

Case 4. Total oral rehabilitation with fixed prostheses on dental implants

Case 5. Aesthetic rehabilitation after dental fractures due to trauma

Case 6. Functional and aesthetic rehabilitation with dental implants in a patient who has lost all teeth

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