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When the patient presents a buccal problem, a proper diagnosis, as well as the correct elaboration of a treatment plan is essential to obtain the desired results, to the point that taking bad decisions at this stage can condition the rest of the treatment, even though the clinician may have the best skills.

These decisions are made after the 1st visit, that is why we give so much value to this phase. It is the moment in which the patient must know all the treatment alternatives, which are the most recommended in his case and the planified duration of the treatment.

In this visit, the necessary records are taken for the proper study of the dental problem: x-rays, cast models or photographs, or even a 3D x-ray if necessary.

After this visit, an economic plan for the cost of treatment can be provided, and once the patient decides to begin, the case will be addressed from the different specialties that may be necessary: ​​periodontics and prevention, prosthesis and aesthetics, orthodontics, surgery and implantology, endodontics or pediatric dentistry.

The objective of dentistry must be to maintain functionally and aesthetically natural dentition for the entire life of the patient. Therefore, the dentist must be an expert in doing the necessary treatments so that the patient can have healthy teeth throughout their life. This is the task of the conservative dentistry, which deals with lesions derived from decay. Precision and accuracy in these procedures, apart from proper maintenance by the patient, are the keys for the long term good prognosis of dental treatments.

The mouth is a space of difficult access and visibility, therefore the use of magnifying loupes with good lighting can help in some cases to improve aesthetics, duration of the results, and therefore, greater patient’s satisfaction. Working with magnification will allow us to capture details that the human eye may not perceive. This tool will allow us to work better in aesthetic rehabilitations, as well as to be more precise in certain surgical interventions.

Implantology and orthodontics are specialties focused in teeth repositioning and malocclusion treatment respectively. However, they are specialties that complement each other, applying in some cases multidisciplinary treatments. The quality of the implants plays an important role in the appearance of both mechanical and biological complications.

These problems can appear in the first moments after finishing the treatment or after some years of function due to the wear or tear of some of the components. These are complications that should be avoided. That's why at Clínica Barroso we only work with the most recognized company of dental implants using all the original components for the restoration of the teeth.

At the same time, Dr. Albert Barroso performs research work related to implantology from which some international scientific publications have been derived. Sharing the results has been the subject of presentations in both national and international congresses. In addition, he teaches at the faculty of dentistry and continuing education courses.

The periodontics is the specialty of dentistry responsible for the prevention and treatment of problems derived from the gums. These problems arise due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque. The treatment of these problems consists in an adequate control of the causative factors, so it is highly recommended to perform professional dental hygiene at least once a year. It is very important the control of periodontal disease, since this is the one that affects the tooth support tissues.

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