It is the branch of Dentistry which promotes the dental health of children.

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry specializing in oral care of children. The dentist is responsible for dealing with any kind of dental problem that gets the smallest patients. It is also responsible for detecting possible anomalies in the position of the jaw or teeth and notify parents if their children need orthodontics.

The difference between traditional dentistry and pediatric dentistry is that cavities are treated in temporary teeth instead of adult teeth. Permanent teeth are formed under the roots of the temporary teeth and any infection in the temporary tooth can affect the permanent tooth.

It is advisable to take the kids to the dentist on a regular basis from the age of 3 years. In this way a prevention and control of future dental problems through the teaching of a good oral hygiene is made.

The most common treatments made by pediatric dentists are:

- Elimination of tooth decay: in order to repair the affected dental structure. Once the decay is removed, the defect will be filled with white resin materials.

- Pulpotomy: when the decay is very deep and affect dental nerve. A part of the affected nerve is removed and is replaced by a bio-compatible material.

- Dental trauma: reconstruction of teeth affected by bumps, falls or impacts.

- Prophylaxis and fluorine: to increase the enamel resistance and remineralize teeth.

- Extraction and space maintainers: deciduous teeth may be lost prematurely by trauma, premature resorption of their roots, decay, or by extraction. In these cases, it is often used a space maintainer to keep the space that has been produced, with the aim that the definitive tooth can grow properly in place.

- Mouth protectors: serve to protect children's teeth that have risk of suffering any type of dental trauma.

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